Doctors' Appointment

Plan Your Services

Your Care Manager that you choose will help you plan your services

Helping You to Get the Supports and Services You Need

Planning your services -- or the services for your loved one -- can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to the OPWDD system.

Once you have been deemed eligible for OPWDD supports and services through the Front Door process, your next step is to find a Care Manager.

The Life Plan that you and the Care Manager create together using a person-centered planning process will reflect your life goals and changing needs. 

Care Management
OPWDD offers two care management options, Health Home Care Management, and Basic Home and Community Based Services Plan Support. People who live in the downstate region of New York State can also enroll in the FIDA-IDD program.
Your Life Plan
Developing Your Life Plan

Your Care Manager will work with you, and any other people you think should be involved, to develop your Life Plan using a person-centered approach. Your Care Manager will document in your Life Plan the supports, services and community resources you need and how you will get them.   


Coordinating Your Services

Coordination of your supports and services is the job of your Care Manager. Your Care Manager also will ensure follow-up on medical appointments, communication between providers and that your services are in line with the goals in your Life Plan.

The creation of your Life Plan is designed with the information taken from your Coordinated Assessment System (CAS) summary. 

Putting Your Plan into Action

Your Care Manager will share their knowledge of available resources to help you make informed choices. They will make referrals, find service providers, offer housing options -- help you do what you want to do. They also will coordinate how you receive your supports, including through both natural supports and funded services.

Make a Change to Existing Services