ADM #2018-05 Fire Safety Practices in Family Care Homes

This memorandum describes the required oversight, documentation practices, and minimum frequencies of fire drill evacuations for Family Care Homes (FCH). The intent of this memorandum is to standardize the documentation and processes statewide for both State Sponsored and Agency Sponsored Family Care. The attachments to this memorandum include the following documents:

• New policy sections of the Family Care Manual: Fire Drill Evacuation Requirements (Section 6.2) and Essential Elements of a Fire Evacuation Plan (Section 6.3)

• A Family Care Home Fire Drill Evacuation Report Form that all Sponsoring Agencies must use to document each fire drill evacuation. This form will replace all current fire drill forms in use in the field.

• A sample Fire Evacuation Plan template to help agencies guide plan development and ensure the required elements outlined in the policy section Essential Elements of a Fire Evacuation Plan (Section 6.3) are included.