Amanda Bouyea

Amanda Bouyea Headshot

REGION: 3 – Sunmount

DSP Nomination Name: Amanda Bouyea

Position:  Direct Support Assistant

Years of Service: 12



“Being able to help the people we support enjoy a clean and well-managed home,” says Amanda Bouyea.


According to Brittany Grenon, Developmental Assistant II and Amanda’s supervisor, she was chosen for going above and beyond, picking up several shifts at other work locations – including her own – and helping with staffing issues during COVID times.

“Amanda is not afraid to work at any location in St. Lawrence County. She will work wherever she is needed,” Grenon says. “She will also work last minute and during her vacation to help the needs of the house.”

Amanda volunteers to stay over from her night shift to make sure medical appointments are covered for the people she cares for. She will often work at other houses in the cluster to ensure that individuals are able to make it to their appointments.

“I nominated Amanda for her hard work and dedication to Sunmount this past year,” Grenon adds. “Amanda shows up to work on time every day, ready to work. The people love her cooking she does on the night shift. She volunteers to stay over when we need coverage for medical appointments or day programming. She has been working several hours of overtime this past year at multiple locations to help with staffing shortages due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Amanda recently came in on her vacation to help with another house.

“Amanda’s hard work should not go unnoticed,” Grenon concludes. “She is a wonderful asset to the house.”