Anne Lefever

Anne Lefever Headshot

REGION: 2 – Central New York

DSP Nomination Name: Anne Lefever

Position: Direct Support Assistant

Years of Service: 11



Anne Lefever says, “My favorite/most rewarding part of being a Direct Support Professional is having the opportunity to teach and contribute to the growth and independence of the people I support. It is rewarding knowing I made a difference in their life.  Being able to build a relationship with individuals and their families, making ‘work’ feel more like a second home.”


Laccy Braun, Habilitation Specialist II, says Anne is a devoted staff member deserving of recognition.

“Over the past year, Anne has taken on many additional tasks. She is very kind, compassionate and sincere. She brings professionalism to her role as Direct Support Assistant and the people living in the home where she works love her,” Braun says.

Anne, Braun says, has volunteered many times on holidays to cover shifts so the people at home have a great holiday, as well. Her current position is working with one person as a day habilitation without walls staff.

“The relationship that she has created with the person she works with is amazing,” Braun says. “Anne has been able to develop a bond with him, as well as with his mother. She keeps them communicating and sets up special visits that include her. She shows him intense respect and likewise, he shows her respect right back.”

Dominica Curtain, Psychologist II at CNY DDSOO, says that Anne has a way of talking to the people she works with that is inspiring.

“She really gets down on each person’s level and gives choices,” Curtain says.  “When working with a person who typically refused all outings, Anne has been able to assist him to go to places others would have never thought of – including parks, by lakes and rivers, fishing, spending time at the mall, going out to eat and so much more. She spends her time at work and in her off hours trying to think of fun things to do to be motivating. She provides a positive presence and supports all the people in the home.”

“Not only does Anne make a big impact on the lives of the people in the home, but she is also a great addition to the staff team at the house,” says Rebecca Rice, DA II at the home where Anne works. “She volunteers to work many hours to help fill vacancy holes. She will switch shifts to help her coworkers get the time off they need. While she is working, Anne goes above and beyond as she takes on more and more responsibilities without complaining. She is a huge benefit to her house and to our agency as a whole.”

Michele Fox, Team Treatment Leader, concludes, “With Anne working, the team knows that the people in the home are well cared for and we’re confident in her ability to handle any situation professionally and successfully. Anne’s dedication to her role as Direct Support Assistant is the model that all employees should strive for.”