Brendon Cassidy Comfort

Brendon smiles, wearing light gray shirt, art on wall behind Brendon

REGION: 6 – Bernard Fineson 

DSP: Brendon Cassidy Comfort 

Position: Developmental Assistant II 

Years of Service: 13 


Bernard Fineson DDSOO chose Brendon Cassidy Comfort as one of its Direct Support Professionals of the Year not only because he enriches the lives of the people he supports, but because he does this while putting a smile on their faces. 

“Brendon truly enjoys the people he supports and exposing them to new and exciting things such as exciting trips, music appreciation or learning to cook,” says Geraldine Craven, Team Treatment Leader. “He always gives 100 percent to his job.” 

Brendon is consistently reachable and approachable – he is said to provide tireless commitment and support that motivates other staff. During the continuing shaft shortage, as well as during the COVID-19 pandemic, Brendon would stay at the home where he worked to ensure the safety and well-being of not only the people in his care, but his fellow coworkers. His priority was making sure needs were met and safety was paramount. 

“Brendon came to us from Taconic and quickly became an intricate part of the home where he worked,” Craven says. “He has since transferred to the Extended Treatment Unit (ETU) where he has helped train staff in dealing with extremely challenging behaviors. His level of enthusiasm is contagious and gives staff a new way to look at and approach the people they are working with. 

“Brendon’s skills have been used to help homes during times of crisis,” she continues. “He is always eager to engage people to partake in activities and encourage them.” 

Brendon’s energy and commitment make him a role model for hard work and motivation. He is focused on ensuring his team provides the best possible care for the people they support. He has taken the lead on ensuring that the people who have a need for additional accessible supports and/or difficult behaviors get to participate in community activities, including a recent trip to Playland in Rye. 

“Brendon comes to the job with a good work ethic and attitude. He works diligently to ensure people receive the best possible care, is an active part of their community, and that homes look and feel like home,” Craven says. “He is always available to his staff and his supervisors. Brendon is a pleasure to work with.”