Clinical Positions at OPWDD

Clinical positions within OPWDD perform a wide range of duties to provide care to people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Positions within this category include treatment in areas such as Social Work, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Language Pathology.

Licensed Master Social Worker 1 and 2

Licensed Master Social Workers (LMSW) 1 and 2 serve as members of interdisciplinary treatment teams providing the full range of social work services to people in a variety of settings. As a Licensed Master Social Worker 2, you would be required to handle more complex issues and exercise a high level of independent professional judgment throughout the course of your activities. You may also be required to supervise and train subordinate staff.

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Social Work Assistant (SWA) 2 and 3

As a Social Work Assistant (SWA) 2 and 3 at OPWDD, you would perform a variety of case management and service coordination activities for an assigned caseload; interview people, their families, and/or others to gather background information, prepare case histories, and determine eligibility for services; advocate on behalf of and assist people to identify and obtain services; work with interdisciplinary treatment teams and participate in the development and implementation of treatment and service plans; coordinate services between agencies, programs and providers; and follow-up to ensure needs are met. 

SWA 2 Minimum Qualifications:  Either a bachelor's degree or higher in social work, OR a bachelor's degree or higher in a human service area and one year of post-bachelor's social work experience.

SWA 3 Minimum Qualifications: Either a master's degree in social work, OR a bachelor's degree in social work and one year of post-bachelor's social work experience OR a bachelor's degree or higher in a human service area and two years of post-bachelor's social work experience.

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Dietician 2

As a Dietician 2 with OPWDD, you would be a member of an interdisciplinary team and provide Medical Nutrition Therapy, which may include consulting with physicians on nutrition support requests; planning and supervising the preparation of special diets and menus; maintaining safe and sanitary conditions; and training or assisting people, families and staff to plan specialized and therapeutic nutrition care plans.

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Occupational Therapy Assistant 2

As an Occupational Therapy Assistant 2, you would use constructive activity, usually in manual and creative arts, to improve or correct mental, emotional or motor status disorders.

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Senior Occupational Therapist

Senior Occupational Therapists at OPWDD function as an advanced clinician, evaluating, planning and carrying out individual treatment procedures for people based on their needs and treatment goals. You would also supervise Occupational Therapists and Occupational Therapy Assistants.

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Physical Therapy Assistant 2

As a Physical Therapy Assistant 2, you would administer a variety of selected forms of physical therapy, such as ultraviolet or infrared rays and massage; give patient instructions for simple exercises and transfer procedures, and clean and store equipment after treatment, all under the supervision of a licensed Physical Therapist.

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Senior Physical Therapist

A Senior Physical Therapist functions as an advanced clinician prescribing treatments for people with physical disabilities resulting from disease or injury, using all physical therapy methods, and may supervise Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants.

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Recreation Therapist

As a Recreation Therapist with OPWDD, you would plan and conduct activities for adults, children and adolescent people with developmental disabilities, working individually or as a member of a treatment team or treatment program. You would analyze and report behavioral patterns to a team leader or other supervisor, verbally or in medical records. As a treatment team member, you would participate in team meetings, recreation/leisure assessment and evaluation.

Additional parenthetic titles are available in art, dance and music. Please refer to exam announcement for job duties and minimum qualifications for these parenthetics.

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Speech Language Pathologist 2

A Speech Language Pathologist 2 would assess, evaluate and treat people who have communication and swallowing disorders. You would provide clinical services as a member of a multi-disciplinary treatment team and in addition, would provide consultant services in your specialty for treatment programming and evaluation, and/or provide clinical supervision of Audiologist 1/Speech Language Pathologists 1 and training for paraprofessional staff.

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