Doctors, Dentists, Psychiatrists

Becoming a doctor, dentist or psychiatrist with OPWDD

OPWDD has several opportunities statewide for doctors, dentists and psychiatrists. Below is a list of positions and qualifications for these jobs.

Medical Specialist 1 and 2

As a Medical Specialist 1 or 2 with OPWDD, you would actively participate in diagnosing and treating people within your specialized field and you would advise and confer with members of other disciplines so that patients may receive the benefits of an overall specialized program of care.

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Clinical Physician

At OPWDD, medical doctors -- also called "clinical physicians" -- conduct medical exams, review medical history, diagnose through testing, and coordinate treatment for people with developmental disabilities. They may supervise medical, nursing and direct care staff.

Minimum Qualifications: A degree as a medical doctor (MD); a license or limited permit to practice medicine in New York State; and at least one year of work experience.

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Physician Assistant (PA)

As a Physician Assistant with OPWDD, under the supervision of a qualified physician, you would assist the physician in the diagnosis and treatment of people with developmental disabilities. You would perform routine medical examinations; write prescriptions and submit them to the physician for countersignature; order standard laboratory and x-ray procedures; and evaluate laboratory tests.

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Dentists at OPWDD work in the local facilities and provide for exams, treatment and the complete dental care for people with developmental disabilities living in or affiliated with that facility.

Minimum Qualifications: You must have a license and current registration to practice dentistry in New York State. Promotional positions may require post-licensure experience, as well as supervisory experience.

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Psychiatrists at OPWDD diagnose, treat, prescribe and provide psychiatric care and treatment services.

Minimum Qualifications: Besides a medical license and certification by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, psychiatrists may be required to have a set number of years of clinical experience and/or specialization in forensic psychiatry or children and youth psychiatry.

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