Psychologists with OPWDD provide a variety of psychological services, administer psychological testing, complete behavioral assessments and may assist people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities and their families in therapeutic counseling. Some positions may supervise less experienced psychologists.



Psychology Trainee

As a Psychology Trainee, you would assist in the provision of professional psychological services to people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities. Under the supervision of higher-level psychology staff, you would assist in administering psychologist tests, completing behavioral assessments, and conducing psychological evaluations and research; attend treatment team meetings; assist in the development of treatment of behavioral support plans; and may participate in individual, family and/or group counseling sessions.

Psychologist 1 and 2

As a Psychologist 1 and a Psychologist 2, you would, under the general supervision of higher-level psychology staff and as a member of a treatment team, perform psychological evaluations; complete behavior assessments; develop and implement plans of treatment for individuals, groups, and families, or develop behavior support plans for people; provide technical direction to program staff; maintain records; and write reports.

Associate Psychologist

As an Associate Psychologist you would function as an advanced clinician and provide professional psychological services under the clinical supervision of a Licensed Psychologist. In addition to assessment and treatment, your duties may include: clinical leadership; program management; forensic or court-ordered assessment, treatment and expert testimony; psychological services requiring expertise in neuropsychology, child and adolescent psychology, geropsychology, sex offender treatment, cognitive rehabilitation, trauma, and substance and/or chemical abuse programs, specialized assessment (functional, personality, risk, competency, vocational, education); design and application of behavioral technology and other specialized psychological interventions; individual, group or family therapy; crisis intervention, consultation to other agencies; training and peer review.

Licensed Psychologist

As a Licensed Psychologist, you would independently perform the full range of activities associated with the profession. Your duties may include, but are not limited to: administering psychological tests; conducting psychological evaluations; developing and implementing plans of treatment for individuals, groups, and families; participating in and leading individual, family and group counseling sessions; completing functional behavioral assessments; developing and providing oversight of behavior support plans; conducting forensic or court-ordered assessments; providing expert testimony; providing consultation to other agencies; representing OPWDD at legal and administrative hearings; providing clinical supervision to unlicensed psychology staff; developing and conducting psychology-related training for all levels of direct care and clinical staff; writing progress reports; and maintaining a wide variety of records.

Licensed Psychologist -- Forensic

As a Licensed Psychologist (Forensic) with OPWDD, you may perform the following duties: Conducting clinical evaluations such as forensic and risk assessments; perform psychological duties as required by public or criminal laws, such as providing expert witness testimony, writing probation reports, evaluating fitness to proceed (with own defense), need for involuntary admission, and objection to treatment determinations; and provision of individual and group treatment including sex offender treatment.


Psychologist Career Opportunities with OPWDD

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New York State strives to offer competitive salaries in regions across the state. Job postings list the salary range for psychology positions. Some jobs may offer more pay based on recruitment difficulty and/or geographic location. Extra pay may also be available to those who work on the evening or night shifts.