Christopher Bradigan

Chris wearing glasses and a maroon shirt smiles

REGION: 1 – Western New York  

DSP: Christopher Bradigan 

Position: Direct Support Assistant 

Years of Service:


The Western New York DDSOO chose Christopher Bradigan as one of their Direct Support Professionals of the Year. Chris is a pleasure to work beside as he always maintains a positive attitude and is passionate about the people he is around and works for. 

“Staff feel great relief when they know Chris is beside them because he accepts any and all tasks asked of him without any negative feedback,” says Team Treatment Leader Vanessa Pratt. 

“Chris never loses his composure, even during extreme shifts. He continues to remain professional and optimistic in any scenario that is brought before him,” she continues. He is quick to volunteer to help staff or the people we support, even when it is not his responsibility. He accepts all challenges with grace and confidence to be positive and professional.  

“Chris shows great care and compassion to the people he supports while making life easier for them – his positivity and uplifting mood overflows to them. He supports people no matter who or where he is needed,” Pratt concludes.