Comfort Naxela

Comfort has some of her hair braided back with a low ponytail. Dark curly hair. She is wearing a crewneck shirt and gold necklace.

REGION: 5 – Staten Island

DSP Nomination Name: Comfort Naxela

Position: Direct Support Assistant

Years of Service: 19



Comfort Naxela says that her favorite and most rewarding part about being a direct support professional is, “Knowing that you make the people happy and adding to the quality of their life.”


“Comfort brings with her a positive attitude every day when she comes to work,” says Sandra Smith, Program Manager and Comfort’s supervisor. “She is a hard worker who is wonderful with the people she supports.”

Smith says that when you ask Comfort to do something, she will always respond with a smile and a “No problem.”

“What sets Comfort apart from other staff is her sparkling, positive attitude,” Smith adds. “She is very hands on and friendly with the people she supports. She listens to them and will laugh with them and provide sympathy and understanding in not so funny times. She will support them by ensuring that they have an enjoyable time. She will advocate for them by engaging them in fun inclusions and activities.”

During a recent program relocation, Smith says Comfort was very helpful to her fellow coworkers, as well as providing the highest quality care for all the people at both the residences and in the day program. All look forward to being in her classroom.

“She is always actively engaging the people she supports and is very respectful to everyone,” Smith concludes.