By the Numbers


The systems in our State are operating every day to ensure quality supports and services are delivered to New Yorkers with developmental disabilities. We are committed to open dialogue, including sharing this data so that you can stay informed as we continue to help more and more people experience a full life based on their unique needs and choices.

This data provides information on the characteristics of people with developmental disabilities in New York State covered under the Medicaid program and the types of services they receive.

Understanding the Data

Download a fact sheet breaking down the types of services and terms referenced in the data.

Fact Sheet

Medicaid Services at OPWDD
 Table 1. People and Payments by Year
Year People Payments
2014 107,077 $6,605,307,127
2015 110,461 $6,839,842,165
2016 113,561 $7,104,090,139
2017 115,575 $7,275,378,778
2018 117,935 $7,461,426,570
2019 119,840 $8,061,998,095
2020 121,898 $8,348,961,777


People Receiving OPWDDD Medicaid Services
See a breakdown of people receiving Medicaid services in 2020 by sex, ethnicity and age group.
People Receiving OPWDD Medicaid Services and Payments by County
See a breakdown of people receiving Medicaid services and payments in 2020 by County.
Understanding Primary Diagnosis

People with developmental disabilities may have multiple diagnoses. For example, a person with a primary diagnosis of intellectual disability may also have a secondary diagnosis of epilepsy.

The primary diagnosis is identified for people during the determination of eligibility for Medicaid services.

While additional or co-occurring conditions may be identified, the primary diagnosis is required and can be accurately reported.

Data Book for Strategic Planning
The data book provides information on past utilization to help inform future planning.
NCI-IDD Staff Stability Survey
The National Core Indicators Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (NCI-IDD) Staff Stability Survey is a national effort to collect large-scale information on the DSP workforce. OPWDD voluntary provider agencies have been participating in the NCI-IDD Staff Stability Survey since 2017.