Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Katelynn Hoskins


Katelynn Hoskins is a perfect example of how people with developmental disabilities can thrive in their communities. Since moving to Woodstock, Katelynn has experienced greater freedom to explore her town, and has quickly made many friends in her neighborhood. Katelynn is well known at her bank, community stores and the local libraries, since she is an avid reader.

She has a temporary job with Home Goods and it looks very positive that she will soon be hired full-time. But Katelynn’s goals don’t end there! She has applied to attend Ulster Community College this spring and wants to become a veterinarian assistant. One day she hopes to live on her own.

When she’s not working hard to achieve her goals, she enjoys her family – both her biological and adoptive – and looks forward to her monthly visits with her best friend Deidra each month.

And that is what makes Katelynn One of a Kind.