Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Denny Pullen

Denny Pullen

Nothing stops this artist when his passion drives his aspiration.

Dennis Pullen was left unable to move his body or breathe on his own after he was hit by a car walking home from school during a snowstorm at eight years old. Now, the 39-year-old Oswego man lives in an accessible house, owns an adapted van and pursues his passion of painting by holding a paintbrush in his teeth.

Denny, as he prefers to be called, befriended a local artist several years ago who helped him learn some of the finer points of creating his art with paint.  He regularly conducts demonstrations at local schools where he mentors students to pursue art and promotes a greater understanding of people with disabilities by encouraging them to try painting by mouth.

An award-winning artist, Denny continues to sell prints of his paintings, and to show his works at art shows.

And that is what makes Denny One of a Kind.