Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Ashley Hidy

Ashley Hidy

Ashley Hidy’s dedication to working hard has her on the pathway to independence. After graduating high school in 2015, she began working at Heaven Scent, a copy shop and gift store operated as an OPWDD integrated employment worksite in Gowanda, NY. While there, she continued to work on developing positive and effective communication with her co-workers.

Ashley has also participated in volunteer work to help boost her resume, and was hired in September 2018 by Tops Markets in Springville where she works three days a week in their floral department. Ashley was recently asked by her supervisor to assist in the produce section and begin training on bagging groceries. At home, Ashley has also become more independent and is now responsible for her own medication.

Ashley is happy to financially support herself and is planning on using her hard-earned money on a vacation. She also wants to one day live on her own and continue to be a contributing member of her community.

And that is what makes Ashley One of a Kind.