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Brittany Bouldin

 Brittany Bouldin

 Brittany Bouldin faced a major lifestyle change when she moved from Florida with her mother and stepfather to Taberg, NY. She was friendly, but shy. It didn’t take long for Brittany to overcome her shyness. Once she became involved in OPWDD’s Pathway to Employment, this energetic and hardworking young lady blossomed.

Brittany began working as a prep cook at a local establishment in her neighborhood and has advanced to short-order cooking and waitressing.

In addition to working, Brittany recently joined the Tim Tebow Night to Shine committee.  Brittany enjoys ice skating and is practicing for a Spring recital. She is also studying to take her drivers’ permit test.  The opportunities for Brittany are endless as she is not afraid to try new things.

And that is what makes Brittany One of a Kind.