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Christian Gordon

Christian Gordon

If you’ve ever wondered which movie would be a good to see, just ask Christian Gordon, a 31-year-old self-proclaimed movie reviewer. Christian, who especially likes romance movies in which one person changes another, knows very well the actors, directors, plots, themes and dialogs. He writes movie reviews and participates in a movie club where he gives presentations to his friends on movies such as Gran Torino and The Muppet Christmas Carol. 

Christian works at Barnes and Noble and at Comic Book Jones. His love of books is evident, as he writes poetry and is also working on his first romance novel. He also volunteers at Project Hospitality, helping to cook meals for people who are homeless. He travels independently, taking MTA buses to work and to community activities.

There are many things Christian would like to do in his future, including to remain living in the house where he was raised in Staten Island after his parents move upstate. He would also like to find a girlfriend and get married. 

And that is what makes Christian One of a Kind.