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Kristen Ahern and Todd Begore

Kristen Ahern and Todd Begore

“Happily ever after” stories usually end when the couple gets married, however for Kristin Ahern and Todd Begore, their story was just beginning.

After they met and dated for two years, they wanted what most people want – to be married and live together independently. Both their parents had concerns, as Todd lived at home and Kristen lived in a NYSARC-supported residence; both had limited independent life skills.

Not to be deterred from their dream, they turned to self-direction to get the support and services they needed to find an apartment and learn the skills needed to live on their own, such as cooking, laundry and pet-care.

Todd currently works 15 hours per week and hopes to obtain a different job one day. Kristen is a gold medalist in the Special Olympics Tennis Regional. She also participates in an art and writing group. Together, the couple enjoys spending time with family, bowling and going out to eat. While they recently enjoyed vacationing in Florida, more travel is definitely part of their exciting future.

And that is what makes Kristen and Todd One of a Kind.