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Shameka Andrews

Shameka Andres

There is a beautiful butterfly inside us all. That’s the message Albany resident Shameka Andrews wants to share through the children’s book Butterfly on Wheels she recently authored. Shameka, who has Spina Bifida, wrote the creative story based on her own life, one that evolved from relative isolation to the strong disability advocate she is today. Shameka reads her book to children in several local schools and libraries, participates in book signing events and hopes to soon record an audio version, write a series of books and revamp her video blog, Wisdom on Wheels.

When Shameka is not writing, she serves as coordinator of the Ms. Wheelchair NY Program, provides wellness workshops at the Independent Living Center of Hudson Valley, and is Community Outreach Coordinator for the Self Advocacy Association of New York and founder of Disability Empowered Consulting. In her free time, she enjoys meditation, yoga and Zumba; reading, visiting Farmers Markets and going to movies and concerts.

According to Shameka, “We all have things about us that make us different. That’s what makes us special. You just have to believe and you will find your wings.”  

And that’s what makes Shameka One of a Kind.