Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council (DDAC)

Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council (DDAC)


The Developmental Disabilities Advisory Council (DDAC) was established pursuant to section 13.05 of the Mental Hygiene Law. The Council is comprised of self-advocates, family members, provider representatives, and other stakeholders; the Self-Advocacy Association of New York State; provider associations and provider councils; the Statewide Family Support Services Committee; the County and Local Mental Hygiene Directors; and the Real Choice Systems Committee.
The DDAC, which began in this iteration in Spring of 2012, is a workgroup that meets quarterly and is designed to oversee and guide the development of the new waiver and assist OPWDD and its stakeholders define the system reforms the waiver will achieve. The DDAC has specific subcommittees that have responsibility for particular areas, including self-direction and managed care implementation.  
The DDAC provides recommendations for statewide priorities and goals, comprehensive planning, resource allocation, and evaluation processes for state and local services for people with developmental disabilities. The Council meets at least four times per year.




Stuart Flaum (Family Member)
Susan A. Hetherington, PhD
Robert Pitkofsky (Family Member)
Donna Colonna (Provider)
Margaret Puddington (Family Member)
Janice Chisholm (Provider)
John Maltby (Provider)
Nicholas A. Cappoletti (Provider)
Daniel Brown (Provider)
Kai Roman (Family Member)
Suzanne Lavigne (Provider)

Leah Steinberg (Provider)
Janice A Fitzgerald (Family Member)
Barbara DeLong (Family Member)
Geri Athenas (Family Member)
Shameka Andrews (Self-Advocate)
Delores McFadden (Provider)
Michele D. Juda (Family Member)
Stephanie Speaker (Self-Advocate)
Meyer Wertheimer (Provider)
Paul Joslyn (Provider)
Valeria Valdez (Family Member)

Gary S. Goldstein (Family Member)
Sumantra Sarkar (Family Member)
Lawana Jones (Provider)
Melissa Stickle (CLMHD)
Vicky Hiffa (DDPC)


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