Dina Borchsenius

Dina smiles, wearing light blue shirt and darker colored cardigan

REGION: 4 – Taconic 

DSP: Dina Borchsenius 

Position: Direct Support Assistant 

Years of Service: 24 


Dina Borchsenius was selected as one of Taconic DDSOO’s Direct Support Professionals of the Year due to her willingness to always help out, her positive attitude and her readiness to jump into the day’s activities. 

“She comes in to work each morning with an infectious smile and spirit that spreads to the individuals she serves,” Developmental Assistant II Holly Valente says. “Dina’s day-to-day actions show how much she genuinely cares for both the people she supports and also her coworkers.” 

Valente says Dina has a calm and caring personality that sets the tone in whatever classroom she is working in that day. She is observant to the needs of the people in her care, and with the activities that they enjoy. Her supervisors can rely on her flexibility and willingness to assist in whichever classroom they see a need. 

“Dina has offered her assistance with all of the major events we had planned this past year from Medieval Times, Noxon’s Summer Barbecue and the Newburgh Motorcycle Museum, just to name few,” says Valente. “For one of these events she even rescinded her approved time off to come in and assist program with the activity. She volunteers to accompany people to Taconic’s Friendship Bowling League every Friday, as well as working with program Habilitation Specialists by offering to get them out into the community on a regular basis.” 

There were two events that occurred this year that Dina was involved in that deserve particular recognition, Valente adds. There are approximately 65 people who attend the Day Hab. Dina offered to dress up as the Easter Bunny for their Easter party and wore an uncomfortably hot bunny costume for hours. She made an appearance in all the classrooms to say hello and chat with people. The people at the day hab were very happy to take pictures with the Easter Bunny and each were able to take a copy home. 

“Dina was commended for the way she handled a recent emergency situation involving a person at the program, Valente says. “She remained calm and collected while providing first aid and did not leave the person’s side until emergency responders were able to arrive and take over care. Her quick action in a stressful moment was very helpful in supporting the care of a person in need.”  

Dina herself says she has always been a caretaker at heart and her job as a DSP has allowed her to care for people with disabilities. 

“Dina is a very hardworking, dependable staff at the day program,” Valente says. “Her flexibility when it comes to where and who she works with is extremely helpful. Dina goes above and beyond her job duties to ensure the people she cares for are safe and happy.”