Due Process

Due Process

Everyone receiving supports and services through OPWDD, including Willowbrook class members, are entitled to Due Process. Due Process is the legal requirement that the state must respect all legal rights that are owed to a person. 

Due Process Administrative Memoranda

Community Placement Procedures Booklet - Green Book

The Community Placement booklet, also known as the "Green Book," outlines the placement process for a person receiving OPWDD services who is ready to move into another residential setting.

The process not only applies to Willowbrook class members,  but to all individuals moving within OPWDD programs.


    Community Placement Procedures - Green Book

    This booklet applies to all individuals moving within OPWDD programs, and also represents the notification requirements for Willowbrook class members. It defines important procedures in residential placement on behalf of class members.



Notification Letter Templates

Available for download below are template letters for the notification of planned and emergency moves as well as well as program conversions.

Planned Moves

Emergency Moves

Emergency Permanent Moves

Program Conversions