Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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Electronic Health Record Portal


If you receive residential, day program, or Article 16 Clinic services from OPWDD state operations, you can take advantage of our Electronic Health Record (EHR) Portal which gives you and your chosen Circle of Support real-time access to your most current health and care coordination information.

Transitioning from a paper record-keeping system to an electronic record-keeping system promotes better quality and safer care.  

The EHR:

  • allows for real-time information sharing,
  • streamlines how services are tracked
  • allows you to access your health and care coordination information swiftly, and
  • allows for information to be shared with providers of your choice. 

EHR Portal provides you and your designated representatives, such as family members or legal guardians, with electronic access to your health records and services information.  It also has other features such as secure messaging with OPWDD staff and Telehealth appointments.

Apply for access to the EHR Portal

Eight videos have been created to train you on how to use the Portal.   You can view them here.