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Fit It In

Fit It In
Fit It In - OPWDD Wellness Initiative

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Make a commitment to Fit It In!!

You don’t have to be an exercise guru, a health nut or an all-star athlete to improve your general health. Just little changes in your everyday routine can yield big results. That’s why OPWDD has launched Fit It In, a wellness initiative to help you live a longer, happier and healthier life!

All it takes is just a little time and commitment to Fit It In to your life.

Step it Up…and get it going! Use the stairs instead of the elevator, do stretches at your desk, walk down the hall. Get the heart pumping and the blood flowing.

Cut it out…and butt it out! Go cold turkey or just cut a few cigarettes out of your daily routine.

Pour it on…and drink it up! Adding water to your diet, even if it’s just an extra glass a day has big health benefits.

Take it in…and eat it up! Make healthier food choices. Grab that apple or munch on that carrot. Even an extra fruit or veggie a day in place of a high calorie snack can make a difference.

So, take the pledge to Fit It In and join in with your coworkers, friends and family to make healthier choices in your life. 


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