Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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About Fit It In


The Office for People With Developmental Disabilities realizes that part of its Vision of “experiencing personal health and growth,” should not only apply to the population it serves, but also be embraced by its workforce. 

Studies show that employees are more likely to work and perform well when feeling well - achieving a balance between work and life.  

The benefits of implementing a Wellness Initiative include: 

  • Attracting the most talented workers 

  • Reducing absenteeism and lost time 

  • Improving on-the-job time use, decision making and productivity 

  • Improving employee morale and engagement 

  • Reducing turnover 

It is the Mission of OPWDD’s Wellness Initiative to promote the health and wellness of staff, stakeholders and individuals that we serve through education and initiatives that:  

  • Encourage habits of wellness 

  • Increase awareness of factors and resources contributing to well-being 

  • Inspire and empower individuals to take responsibility for their health 

  • Support a sense of community 

  • Positively affect employee morale and job satisfaction 

  • Optimize performance and productivity 

Participant Objectives: 

  • Improve morale 

  • Meet personal and professional goals 

  • Expand awareness and education about overall health and wellness to staff, stakeholders and individuals served 

  • Engage in program promotional offerings 

  • Leverage benefits offered by employer, Work Life Services, EAP, labor representatives, etc. 

Agency Objectives: 

  • Determine wants and/or needs of workforce, stakeholders and individuals served to increase morale 

  • Improve workforce, stakeholders and individuals served health and wellness 

  • Improve the productivity and engagement of the workforce, stakeholders and individuals served  

  • Invest in work/life balance to increase long-term employees