Request Accessibility & Language Access Forms for Trainings

Request Accommodation for OPWDD-provided In-Person and Online Trainings


If you are attending an upcoming training or class either online or in- person and need to request an accommodation so you can fully participate, please fill out the form below so we can assist you.


With advance notice, we can arrange for large print materials and/or sign language interpretation for those who are visually impaired and/or assistance in a language other than English for those who need it.  At least two weeks advance notice is appreciated for interpretation requests.


While we strive to ensure all agency-sponsored in-person trainings are wheelchair accessible, please notify us if you require any special physical accommodations so we can ensure your needs are met and you are able to get the most out of your training.

What type of Accessibility need do you have?
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Do you need a sign-language interpreter?
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Do you need written translation?
What language do you need assistance with?
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You will be contacted if there are any issues processing your request or changes that affect your request.