Information Sessions

Attend an Information Session to Learn About Supports and Services

The OPWDD Front Door Information Sessions will outline the process of how you can become eligible for supports and services, the types of supports and services available and where you can go to get assistance. Registration for the Front Door Information Sessions is done locally through your Regional Office or voluntary agency provider.

All Regional Offices offer translation services for the language that best fits your needs and some Regional Offices offer Information Sessions in a language other than English. When registering for an Information Session please let the facilitator know if you need translation services or have other accessibility needs. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: all in-person Front Door Information Sessions are presently canceled and alternatives such as Phone Conferencing and WebEx are being offered in each district.

Please do not attempt to attend any of the in-person sessions that may be listed below. Contact your local Front Door office for more information on available sessions and registration. 


How to Search for Front Door Information Sessions

There are two ways to search for a Front Door Information Sessions: 

1. Filter by Region; or 
2. Type in the name of your county as a keyword beneath the search box labeled "Refine."  For example, if you would like to find a session in Erie County, you will type Erie in the search box. Please note that you are not able to search by city.