Supporting Individuals to Safely Access Community Activities

OPWDD’s  vision  for  people  with  developmental  disabilities  includes  full and  meaningful participation  in  their  communities.  It  is  expected  that  agencies  facilitate  each  individuals’ access  to  community  resources  preferred  by  the  person  and  ensure  safeguards  and  supervision  are  provided  in  accordance  with  their  needs  and  informed  choices.  Service Providers must be particularly mindful about safety before, during, and after transportation to and  from  community  activities,  when  individuals  may  be  at  increased  risk  for  wandering, injury,  or  other  harm.  These  risks  can  be  mitigated when  providers  implement  formal procedures  that  identify  responsibilities  of  their  paid  on  duty  employees  and  the person-specific safeguards and supports, as needed, for each individual involved in the activities.