Hilton Howard

Hilton is slightly bald, with dark hair on the sides. Short haircut.

REGION: 2 – Broome

DSP Nomination Name: Hilton Howard

Position: Direct Support Assistant

Years of Service: 27+



Hilton Howard says: “Helping individuals live richer lives by getting them out into the community and showing them that a disability does not mean they cannot enjoy life.”


Steven Fairbanks, Developmental Assistant III and Hilton’s supervisor, says Hilton always displays a calm demeanor and this makes him a favored staff with the people he supports, as well as his peers.

“He always handles even the toughest situations with appropriate empathy and tactfulness, ensuring plans are followed and policies adhered to,” he says. “Hilton is always willing to assist whenever and however necessary to help the home run smoothly. Hilton fosters a positive work environment as well as helping to make the home warm and inviting for the people who live there.”

Fairbanks says Hilton has gone above and beyond to support people by integrating them into community activities. He is willing to come in on his days off for special events and inclusions.

“He makes sure these events are geared towards what the people in the house like. He is willing to give feedback to keep the team aware of the outcome and to improve future planning of these activities to make the experience even more enriching,” Fairbanks adds.

“I would like to thank Hilton for his long-time dedication to his team and to OPWDD,” Fairbanks says. “He always uses his experience in the field to help the development of all new employees. His positive attitude and good work ethic are contagious to all. This helps the whole environment become better for the people we support and staff alike.”

Julie Reid, Team Treatment Leader, adds: “I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Hilton for many years within this agency. I would like to recognize Hilton for his stellar work ethic and dependability, despite staffing hardships. He has proved to be a team player and always gives 100 percent to his job and the people we support.”