Holly Noody

Holly has shoulder length blond hair, the sun is shinny on her eyes. She is smiling at the camera.

REGION: 1 – Finger Lakes

DSP Nomination Name: Holly Noody

Position: Direct Support Assistant

Years of Service: 9



Holly Noody says she wants to ensure the people get what they need, and she enjoys seeing a smile on their faces.


According to Tina French, Developmental Assistant II and the person who nominated Holly, Holly’s dedication to the home she supports is “phenomenal.”

“She will check on people even on her vacation,” French adds. “She is truly there for the residents.

“Holly ensures people have a safe and clean environment,” French says. “She is always cleaning. She ensures the family is up to date on their loved one’s status. She has great communication skills and has built relationships with the family members. Holly advocates for people, ensuring they have everything they need and want. She will go out of her way to ensure they have it – she will even buy it herself so they can have it.”

Elinor Cain, Team Treatment Leader, says she has known Holly for many years, personally and at work. She loves the people at her home and worries about them, even on days off. She knows one of the people at the residence loves the Rochester Public Market and when a new crop of apples is freshly picked, she will bake a fresh apple just for that person.

“The people in the home seek out Holly, as she is approachable and takes the time to listen and guide them. Holly is a great asset to our agency,” Cain says.