Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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I Am Able

I am able to get the job done
I am able to be part of a family
I am able to reach the next level
I am able to learn new skills
I am able to share my heart
I am able to be myself
I am able to shop till I drop
I am able to explore the world

The New York State Office for People With Developmental Disabilities is launching the “I am able…” “selfie” awareness campaign to celebrate the abilities of the individuals we serve. Whether it’s spending time with friends and family, going to work, participating in a sport or hobby, traveling or just about anything, we want you to share your accomplishments in your own words.

I am able…

Grab your smart phone or digital device and take a “selfie” of yourself living, working or taking part in the community. It can be anything from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Finish the statement “I am able…” and submit your statement with your “selfie” and your e-signed consent here to show New York your “Able”. (It’s okay to ask a friend, family member or support person to help with the photo and you can use a regular old camera if you don’t have a “smart” phone)

I support ability

Friends, family members, support staff and all New Yorkers are invited to submit their own “selfies” with the statement “I support ability” to show your support for individuals with developmental disabilities who choose to live, work and take part in the community. Submit the statement “I support ability” with your “selfie” and e-signed consent here.

Submit Here

  1. Grab your phone from your pocket, handback, backpack, etc.
  2. Raise your phone out and up so you're shooting slightly down on yourself.
  3. Add something that completes the statement "I am Able"... your hobby, your job, a pet, your best friend, whatever (for example, a Basketball to state "I am able to slam dunk!"
  4. Strike an interesting pose and smile
  5. Take the Shot!  Submit your "I am Able" "Selfie" with your completed statement and your e-signed consent at