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Changes in Insulin-like Growth Factor Signaling Alter Phenotypes in Fragile X Mice


Thomas Wise, PhD, Genetics of Developmental Abnormalities Laboratory, IBR  ...
Generation of Neuroligin-1 Knock Down C.elegans (Nematode) for Autism Research


1. Generation of Neuroligin-1 Knock Down C. elegans (Nematode) for Autism Research, and 2. Generation and Potential Treatment of Neuroligin-4 KD Mice (Autism Model) with Broccoli Extract and Sulforaphane Event date: 02/18/2015 G.Y. Gary Wen, PhD; Ultrastructure & Transgenes Laboratory, IBR...
Tipping the Energy Balance Toward Longevity


Wojciech Kaczmarski, PhD; Morphometry Laboratory, IBR ...
A Novel CSAD KO: Gene Expression and Immune Function


A Novel CSAD KO: Gene Expression and Immune Function Event date: 01/21/2015 Eunkyue Park, PhD; Head, Cellular Immunology Laboratory, IBR...
Oxidative Stress and Mitochondrial Dysfunction in Autism: Impact of Genetic and Environmental Factors


Abha Chauhan, PhD; Head, Developmental Neuroscience Laboratory, IBR...
Aberrant Hippocampal Atp8a1 Levels Are Associated with Altered Synaptic Strength, Electrical Activity and Autistic-like Behavior


Daniel Kerr PhD; College of Staten Island...
Autism--From No Neuropathological Changes to Global Developmental Encephalopathy


Jerzy Wegiel, VMD, PhD; Head, Morphometry Laboratory, IBR...
Unraveling the Miswired Connectome: A Developmental Perspective, and discussion of the Healthy Brain Network Initiative


Michael P. Milham, MD, PhD; Director, Center for the Developing Brain of the Child Mind Institute, New York, NY; Research Psychiatrist, Nathan Kline Institute, Orangeburg, NY...
Simple Statistics: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?


Michael J. Flory, MPH, PhD; Research Design and Analysis Services Core, IBR...