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The Fragile X Center



The Fragile X Center is a specialty center at IBR’s George A. Jervis Clinic for individuals with fragile X syndrome and their families. The Jervis Clinic is a specialized diagnostic and research center, providing neurological, psychiatric, psychological, and genetic services to individuals with developmental disabilities. Fragile X is a priority area of research for Institute scientists and clinicians.

Services Offered

  • Genetic evaluation and counseling
  • Genetic and prenatal testing
  • Medical evaluations, including:
    • Psychiatry
    • Medication review and recommendations
    • Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics
    • Neurology
  • Psychological evaluations, including:
    • Speech and language
    • Neuropsychology
    • Behavioral support
  • Other services, including:
    • Educational consultation

Evaluations at the Fragile X Center

Individuals referred to the Fragile X Center are seen by several clinicians to complete the comprehensive evaluation. Additional appointments will be recommended as necessary. Services will be ongoing, offering a continuum of care over the life of the individual. While at the Center, parents will be provided with appropriate resource materials and information about fragile X syndrome.


Appointments for evaluations at t he Fragile X Center of the George A. Jervis Clinic are scheduled on the basis of individual needs. Referrals to the Fragile X Center are generally made by physicians, educators, social workers, and other professionals caring for individuals known or suspected to have fragile X syndrome.

To request Fragile X Center services from the Jervis Clinic:

Call Divya Moorthy, M.S., Coordinator of the Fragile X Center, at (718) 494-5369.

The Jervis Clinic is dedicated to serving the people of New York State with developmental disabilities, regardless of their ability to pay. Except for individuals from OMRDD-certified providers, reimbursement for any diagnostic, clinical, or laboratory service will be sought from the following:

  • Most third-party insurance carriers
  • Family/guardian, on a zero-basis sliding fee scale, or
  • The individual, through direct billing.

For further information or to request referral forms, contact Divya Moorthy: Call: (718) 494-5369 Fax: (718) 494-5336 Write: Divya Moorthy, M.S., CGC, Coordinator, Fragile X Center George A. Jervis Clinic IBR 1050 Forest Hill Road Staten Island, NY 10314

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