Office for People With Developmental Disabilities

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The Jervis Infant Clinic: A program for early screening and neurodevelopmental follow-up


This program is located at IBR’s George A. Jervis Clinic and is a collaboration among IBR’s Departments of Human Genetics and Infant Development and hospitals in Staten Island. 

It currently provides screening for fragile X syndrome at birth. The screening is done after consent is signed by the patient’s mother. 

Families of babies found to be at risk for developmental problems based on their screening are invited to come for an initial visit at the Jervis Clinic, where genetic counseling and confirmatory tests are done. 

Babies with fragile X syndrome full mutation or premutation are enrolled in a developmental follow-up program specifically developed for these infants. They will receive evaluations by a developmental specialist, feedback about their child’s development, suggestions for activities to facilitate their child’s development, parent training, and referrals to early intervention programs as indicated. 

The program is in the process of further development and is planned to involve additional New York hospitals and additional disorders associated with developmental disabilities.  

For further information, please contact Milen Velinov, MD, PhD, at 718-494-5219.