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Infant Development Follow-up Program



Founded in 1990, the Infant Development Follow-up Program studies infants who received care in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs) as well as infants who did not receive NICU care for comparison, and tracks their development every few months from birth to 8 years. Among the areas that are studied are attention, motor skills, regulation, cognition, and social communication. The goal of the program is to develop methods for better identifying infants who are at risk for developmental disabilities so that they can receive intervention early enough to fully address their disabilities. The program is conducted by the Neurobehavioral Development Laboratory of IBR’s Department of Infant Development and is located in building 28-D on the IBR campus.

Families whose children participate in the Follow-up Program receive a stipend on each visit to help defray any cost of participation, as well as information about their babies’ development, suggestions to help their babies reach their fullest potential, and if any potential problems are identified, referrals for further evaluations.

Current studies at the Follow-Up Program are:

  • Exploring how injury to the developing nervous system before, during, or soon after birth abnormally impacts neurobehavioral development as a consequence of damage or dysregulation of the developing brain.
  • Determining the effects of such injury on developmental outcome in over 3500 infants, more specifically related to autoregulatory deficits with respect to autism and other developmental disabilities, including attention deficits, motor coordination problems, and language impairment, as well as more typically with respect to intellectual disability and cerebral palsy.
  • Developing appropriate procedures to identify developmental problems very early, even when the infants are newborns, and evaluating the accuracy of these procedures by following the infants into preschool and early school years.


Activities of the Follow-Up Program are under the supervision of Judith M. Gardner, PhD, and her associates. If you have any questions about the program, please contact our office at (718) 494-5361 or Dr. Gardner directly at (718) 494-5178.

Financial Information

There is no charge to study participants. Transportation arrangements to and from our facility, at no cost, can be made if necessary. A stipend is provided for each visit.


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Follow-up Program Brochure (includes travel directions)