Joann Cerra

Joann Cerra Headshot

REGION: 4 – Taconic

DSP Nomination Name: Joann Cerra

Position: Developmental Assistant II

Years of Service: 16



Joann Cerra says she likes to help others. “I enjoy helping the people I support learn as much as possible to enrich their lives. I enjoy seeing them learn new skills.”


“Joann is a great team player,” says Joddie Smith, Joann’s supervisor and Developmental Assistant III. “She will always make sure that her house is covered with as little out-of-team staff as possible. She is always willing to assist in any way she can – whether it be volunteering to work overtime or covering another home when there is no supervisor on for an extended time.”

Smith says Joann is always willing to help out, even when she is on vacation, to help cover if there is a need or a family emergency. “She has taken time off and also comes in and helps cover if someone else needs to go home. She is very helpful with covering the team,” Smith adds.

Joann always tries to make sure that there are familiar staff on duty so that there is some continuity with the house, Smith says. She has helped cover several homes during the staffing crisis by covering as a supervisor at her house and another house at the same time.

“She makes sure all paperwork is sent in a timely manner and the people she supports had what they needed during this time, such as allowance money for outings and adequate clothing and belongings. Joann is an asset to the team. She is always willing to help out when needed,” Smith concludes.