Joel Appiah

Joel is wearing a dark blue hat, sunglasses, bow tie and a blazer.


REGION: 5 – Metro New York

DSP Nomination Name: Joel Appiah

Position: Developmental Assistant I

Years of Service: 7



Joel Appiah says, “I like helping people live their best life. It is my passion to help people.”


“Joel ensures that the safety and well-being of the people we serve is his top priority. I nominated Joel due to his bravery and ability to respond in an emergency,” says Jeanne Marie Robinson, Team Treatment Leader.

She says Joel was recently confronted with an unexpected situation at the home where he works – someone entered the residence, and he was on his first night as a Developmental Assistant 1. He observed the intruder fleeing from another staff and immediately chased after the person, taking charge of the situation. Joel and one of his coworkers managed to trap the intruder and hold him between two doors until the police arrived.

“By doing this he risked his safety, but kept the people at the residence safe,” Robinson explains. “Their heroism kept everyone safe. He and his coworkers remained calm during this incident and ensured the people living there were not affected by it. He did this all while he, himself was threatened by the intruder. Joel demonstrated the ability to respond in an emergency and put other people’s safety above his own.

“Joel is a calming presence to the people at the home where he works. He leads his staff by example and jumped right in to address all concerns at the residence,” Robinson says. “He leads his staff by setting an example they should all aspire to.”