Julee Burns

Julie has shoulder length blonde hair. She wears glasses.

REGION: 1 – Finger Lakes

DSP Nomination Name: Julee Burns

Position: Direct Support Assistant

Years of Service: 32 years of State service; 24 with OPWDD



Julee Burns says: "The rewarding part of being a Direct Support Professional is making sure the people in the home are happy and safe by doing things like shopping and planning events to make their lives happy."


Bobbie-Jo Cadwell, Team Treatment Leader, says Julee’s level of compassion and care for the people she works with, and their loved ones is amazing. She cares deeply and her actions speak to her commitment.

“Recently a person had a father placed in a nursing home. This nursing home was far away from where the person lives. Julee ensured travel plans were made, and the person saw their father, with Julee assisting the person in relieving their anxiety,” Cadwell adds.

Cadwell also says Julee showed a great level of compassion for a resident who recently died. She put together a funeral per the request of the person’s family, and ensured there were flowers, pictures and favorite items of the person present. The refreshments were their favorite snack.

“Julee came in on her day off to make sure everything went well and was set up, and she stayed with the family to make sure they were comforted in their time of need,” Cadwell says.

In addition, Julee ensures the people in the home have foods they request. Julee helps facilitate birthday and holiday celebrations. She created a small garden at the home and assists the people living there with growing their own vegetables and flowers.

“I am very proud to have as dedicated a staff member as Julee is,” Cadwell concludes. “Julee goes above and beyond the norm to provide such high-quality care. She sets a great example for all her coworkers.”