Maigen Wilson

Maigen smiles, wearing maroon shirt

REGION: 3– Sunmount 

DSP: Maigen Wilson 

Position: Direct Support Assistant 

Years of Service: 3.5 


Maigen Wilson was chosen as a Sunmount Direct Support Professional of the Year because of the exceptional professional image she projects. 

“I have selected Maigen Wilson for the DSP nominee as she has volunteered for multiple assignments that have helped the teams and the people she serves,” says Team Treatment Leader Dustin Churco. “To start, Maigen volunteered to change her assignment to help while a local home was in a staffing crisis. While Maigen was at the house, she worked great with the people living there and the staff.” 

“Maigen has now volunteered to help another house that is in a staffing crisis. While at this house she has been an extreme asset to the people living there. She is assisting with getting more quality outings and providing fantastic care,” Churco adds. “You can see the change in the people she supports – in their moods and quality of life – while Maigen has been at the home.” 

Churco says Maigen has shown that she has true compassion for people and she is not “all about what can everyone do for me.” He says she has volunteered for assignments that no one else would have done and has excelled in those positions. 

“During a recent disaster situation, Maigen drove almost four hours out of her way so she could work at a house and support the people there,” Churco adds. “During this time, Maigen volunteered to work doubles and get a local hotel room. This way she could continue to support the people in the home without driving four hours back home. 

“Maigen goes above and beyond and sets a professional image for Sunmount no matter where she works or who she works with,” Churco says. “Maigen has a positive attitude, and she is an excellent advocate for the people we support.”