Melinda Pelkey

Melinda has long light brown hair, it is curled.

REGION: 3 – Capital District

DSP Nomination Name: Melinda Pelkey

Position: Development Assistant III

Years of Service: 10



Melinda Pelkey says, “I really enjoy the new challenges every day brings. It’s never the same thing two days in a row. I get bored easily and this job has managed to keep me on my toes for the last 10 years – that’s no easy task!”


Team Treatment Leader Angela Mead says Melinda has gone above and beyond in her role as house leader and is continually there to support the people living there, as well as the direct support staff.

“Melinda never says ‘no,’” Mead adds. “If you need any kind of assistance, she is always there regardless of the situation. Melinda strives to always do the job well and she is a role model to all staff.”

Mead says Melinda is reliable, resourceful and faces every task with an open mind.

“Melinda supported the staff during the pandemic, pitching in on every shift, while continually running a beautiful home, keeping everyone healthy and taking the swimming instructor class to be able to offer swimming and assessments at the home’s pool to the people and staff.

“Melinda leads by example and encourages others to be their best, and to have a fun and optimistic outlook even when faced with difficult challenges. Her commitment to the job supports staff, and the team. It is all these qualities that make her an excellent Direct Support Professional of the Year,” concludes Mead.