October 21, 2022

Anthony Has Become "the Life of the Party" at Party City!

Anthony Has Become "the Life of the Party" at Party City!
A man wearing a red short and a woman wearing a black shirt stand smiling in front of a store display featuring balloons and party decorations
Anthony and Lacretia at Party City.

When Anthony first came to AIM Services Inc. in Saratoga for employment support, it was right around the time the global COVID-19 pandemic started. Like so many people during the pandemic, Anthony spent more time than usual considering his future, what he wanted his future to look like and what steps he needed to take to get there. At the same time, he had just started school at Adirondack Community College, so there was lots of change on the horizon.

Anthony, who lives at home with his parents, had multiple goals, including finishing school, getting a job, and getting his driver’s license. He turned to Lacretia Artis, his Enhanced Employment Support Coordinator at AIM Services, Inc., to come up with a plan to meet all those goals and advocate for himself with his Circle of Support, which includes his father and his care manager.

“AIM Services, and Lacretia in particular, led me in the right direction,” said Anthony. “They talked to me about having a career and working toward a full-time job.  They taught me various interview and job performance skills such as concentrating on my work and developing work-life balance.”

Anthony says these skills have been invaluable at the job he now has at Party City in Clifton Park, where he has been working for more than a year.  With Lacretia’s support, Anthony didn’t immediately apply for jobs until he felt acclimated at school. Step by step, Anthony met all his goals, including securing his employment at Party City, where he was hired on the spot at his first interview.

At Party City, Anthony serves as a sales associate and performs various tasks like customer service, restocking, order fulfillment, and some maintenance work.  He says his favorite part about his job is interacting with customers. He enjoys asking them about their day, helping them find what they need and doing what he can to make their store experience positive. His work gives him a great sense of accomplishment.

“He is an amazing young man with a wonderful work ethic, and he does everything with a spirit of excellence, says Lacretia. “His coworkers value him and see him as the ‘Life of the Party.’ They say he knows the floor better than anyone and always ask him where things are located. It’s wonderful to work with someone so willing to learn, take feedback and work toward accomplishing their personal goals.”

Anthony says Lacretia has helped him to think about even bigger goals he wants to achieve in the future.  He hopes to one day move to New York City after he graduates and pursue a career in business and marketing and possibly work at an ad agency. He sees himself one day owning his own home and starting a family.

Anthony describes himself as a kind, friendly and “go-to person” when something needs to get done. “I am someone who loves hanging out with my friends and having a good time, but I also know that I need to put my priorities in life first.”

Anthony says that the lessons he learned about work/life balance through AIM services have benefitted him and will continue to benefit him in the future. He now manages to go to school full-time and maintains a second part-time job in addition to his position at Party City. With Anthony’s positive attitude, drive and the tremendous support behind him, his future and his future employment prospects look very bright.