Abner Saintjuste

Man with short hair, a suit and tie smiling.

Region: 4 – Hudson Valley 

DSP Nomination Name: Abner Saintjuste 

Position: Direct Support Assistant 

Years of Service: 


The nominee's favorite or most rewarding part about being a DSP:

“Being able to help those of us who are most vulnerable.”  -- Abner Saintjuste 


About Abner: 

Sandra Barreau, Developmental Assistant II says Abner demonstrates a level of respect, kindness and professionalism that inspires confidence in his team.  

“He sets a good example for the people we serve and those we work with,” she adds. 

Recently, while assisting an individual during a hospital visit, a nurse from Good Samaritan Hospital was so moved by Abner’s extreme care, respect and professionalism, that she called the DDSOO to express her gratitude.  

“She recounted observing Abner provide assistance without hesitation, making note of how pleasant and respectful he was,” Barreau says. “She went on to conclude that if she or a family member were ever in need of someone to help provide care, she hoped to have someone like Abner.” 

“It is a pleasure to be on the same team with a person like Abner Saintjuste,” Barreau concludes.