Andrew Dupuis

Man with black shirt, partially bank, beard smiling

Region: 1 – Finger Lakes 

DSP Nomination Name: Andrew Dupuis 

Position: Developmental Assistant II 

Years of Service: 5 


The nominee's favorite or most rewarding part about being a DSP:

“Reflecting back each day on the little things that my team did to contribute to the individuals living richer lives. The smiles and the happiness displayed by the individuals makes the DSP job beyond rewarding.” – Andrew Dupuis 

About Andrew:

Andrew routinely volunteers for overtime and splits his shift to manage staffing issues. He has a passion to provide the best quality of services possible. The people he works with respect him and strive to be better because of him. 

“Andrew has accepted one challenge after another this past year,” says Crystal Geiger, a Developmental Assistant II who nominated Andrew. “He volunteered to assist in a management crisis at a home other than his assignment, and still provided support to his original home. He problem-solved with management to create a cohesive work environment.” 

“Andrew thinks outside the box and works hard to best support the individuals he serves,” she continues. “This past year he has been creative with providing supportive and community inclusion opportunities, such as renting out the theater for the evening so the entire house could enjoy a night out.” 

“Finger Lakes DDSOO is a better place for the people we serve, and a better place to work because of Andrew. He exemplifies what a DSP should be,” Geiger concludes.