AnnMarie Williams

Woman with reddish brown straight hair, shoulder length. Blue and white stripped shirt.


Region: 5 – Brooklyn 

DSP Nomination Name: Annmarie Williams 

Position: Direct Support Assistant 

Years of Service: 2+ years 


The nominee's favorite or most rewarding part about being a DSP:

Annmarie Williams says, “To be part of the individuals’ milestones and assist in exposing them to new personal growth opportunities that helps to build their ideal life,” is her favorite part about being a direct support professional. 


About Annmarie:

“Annmarie has shown that she can do more of anything that is required of her to perform her duties – way beyond what is expected of her,” says her supervisor Charleen Chambers, Developmental Assistant II.  “She helps in all areas – with medication, appointments, goals, recreation, and so much more. The people she works with love her and can’t wait for her to return from her pass days.” 

Chambers adds that Annmarie’s compassion she shows the people she supports is another one of the reasons she was nominated as a Direct Support Professional of the Year for the Brooklyn DDSOO.  

 “Annmarie lets people make choices of their own and helps them to set new goals to explore the challenges in their everyday life,” adds Chambers.  

For example, when Annmarie takes one of the people she supports shopping for clothes, she lets him pick out what he would like to wear. Then, before they go to the register, Annmarie has him tell her how much money he has with him, and shows him how to add up the cost of what he is buying, how to figure out if he has enough money, asks him to let her know what change he should get from the cashier.  

“When he comes back to the house, he is running to me, telling me about his experience,” Chamber says. “He smiles, knowing he has change left over, and that he accomplished it himself.”  

“Annmarie’s willingness to learn and her readiness to explore every new task that is put in front of her is truly amazing,” Chambers concludes.