Donna Steed

Woman with dark brown hair pulled up in ponytail, pink tie dye shirt, glasses

Region: 6 – Bernard Fineson 

DSP Nomination Name: Donna Steed 

Position: Direct Support Assistant 

Years of Service: 20 


The nominee's favorite or most rewarding part about being a DSP:

Donna Steed loves to interact with the people in her care. She is very caring and loves encouraging, supporting, teaching and just being with the individuals. 

About Donna:

Donna was selected as Direct Support Professional of the Year for Bernard Fineson because she not only loves the people she supports, but is also a team player, says Angela Bethune, Developmental Assistant II at Bernard Fineson, and Donna’s supervisor.  

“Not only can the individuals depend on her, but her coworkers can, as well,” Bethune adds. 

Donna’s drive and dedication is what sets her apart from others, Bethune says. 

“She is always willing to come in early and stay late, if needed. During COVID, she was a comfort to the people by bringing in items they could use to keep their mind at ease and help them transition through the difficulties of the pandemic. 

“Donna will go out of her way to provide for the people she supports,” Bethune adds. “(Donna) is a true DSP who always encourages and supports when it comes to the individuals.”