Eric Flanders

Man standing in yard, blue polo and black shorts and a baseball cap.

Region: 2 – Broome 

DSP Nomination Name: Eric Flanders 

Position: Direct Support Assistant 

Years of Service: 14 


The nominee's favorite or most rewarding part about being a DSP:

“Helping with everyday health and direct care and ensuring the medical side of things are taken care of. I want to know that the individuals are happy and healthy,” says Eric Flanders of his favorite part of being a Direct Support Assistant at Broome. 


About Eric:

According to Michael Koger, Developmental Assistant II and Eric’s supervisor, Eric is always on time and ready to work, and never complains about any task he is given.  

“He goes above and beyond for the individuals,” Koger adds. 

What sets Eric apart is that he cares for the individuals he supports as he would his own family, Kroger says. 

“Eric advocates for the people he supports, and even spends extra time and holidays making sure each person has attention. 

“He frequently talks to family members and helps arrange therapeutic home leave,” Koger continues. “Eric ensures the family is up-to-date with specific medical information, the person’s wants and needs, and advocates after talking with people about their desired activities.” 

“I am thrilled to have a staff member like Eric,” Kroger says. “He is caring, level-headed and always willing to help the team. He is truly an asset to the house and to the individuals we serve.”