Erin Vaillancourt

Lady with long dark blonde hair and black shirt smiling

Region: 3 – Sunmount 

DSP Nomination Name: Erin Vaillancourt 

Position: Developmental Disabilities Secure Care Treatment Aide II 

Years of Service: 12 


The nominee's favorite or most rewarding part about being a DSP:

“My favorite part of my job is helping people – the individuals we serve, as well as my coworkers. The most rewarding part of my job is seeing the positive impact we have on others.”  – Erin Vaillancourt 

About Erin:

According to Shawn Brickey, Developmental Assistant III, Erin consistently goes above and beyond her regular expected duties as a mid-level supervisor for both the direct care staff she supervises and the individuals who receive services at the Local Intensive Treatment (LIT) unit at Sunmount. 

“Erin regularly shows a level of compassion towards her job and the people at the LIT, for both staff and the residents here,” Brickey says. “During the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, Erin would take time out of her personal schedule to run to the stores close to her home to pick up items that would not have been purchased otherwise. At times, she would adjust her work schedule to reflect the time she took to complete those tasks and other times she would just do them on her personal time. This type of dedication and compassion is not seen in everyone.” 

“Erin Vaillancourt is an asset not only to the LIT team, but to OPWDD in general as she shows a great deal of compassion towards her job, her duties, direct care staff, coworkers and the people we serve at Sunmount,” Brickey adds. “Erin regularly shows the flexibility and dedication that is model to OPWDD’s mission statement towards enhancing the lives of the people we serve. It is my pleasure to supervise such a compassionate staff member.”