Gbesay Karneh

Older man looking at camera and blue shirt with patterns, bald

Region: 5 – Staten Island 

DSP Nomination Name: Gbesay Karneh 

Position: Direct Support Assistant 

Years of Service: 6 


The nominee's favorite or most rewarding part about being a DSP:

Gbesay Karneh says he loves to help the people he supports by assisting them with achieving their goals and teaching them how to live with dignity in their community. 

About Gbesay:

Shameeka Hunter, Developmental Assistant II and Gbesay’s supervisor says he is dedicated to the job and to the people he supports.  

“He is always considerate of the team and will give of his personal time to help individuals,” she adds. 

Gbesay works to ensure that the people in his care receive all the services they need, and he will advocate for them to make certain their rights are respected, even in situations where he feels that coworkers or other team members are at fault – and he will do this without hesitation.  

“He has a great rapport with all of the people he works with,” Hunter says. 

“Gbesay Karneh is one of the most impressive staff I have ever had the honor of working with,” says Yusuf Cross, Developmental Assistant III, who manages the home where Gbesay works. “He works tirelessly for the people we support, at a high level. The person-centered approach that he brings to the job every day makes him one of the favorite staff of most people who have the pleasure of interacting with him.” 

“I have worked for OPWDD for 17 years and I have never met someone so focused and attentive towards the individuals as Mr. Karneh,” Hunter concludes. “He is well-deserved of this recognition.”