Heather Dennis

Woman with long braids with slight curls, sunglasses

Region: 6 – Long Island 

DSP Nomination Name: Heather Dennis 

Position: Direct Support Assistant 

Years of Service: 14 


The nominee's favorite or most rewarding part about being a DSP:

“I feel the individuals I care for are as close to me as my family members, and assisting them in their daily lives brings me joy and happiness.” – Heather Dennis  

About Heather:

Marcia Bell, Developmental Assistant II and Heather’s supervisor says Heather’s dependability and reliability over the past few years and with the COVID-19 pandemic was why she was nominated as a DSP of the Year for Long Island.  

“Heather is always willing to fill in when necessary and assist me and her coworkers to get the job done,” Bell adds. “She is very cooperative and shows respect; is flexible, but conscientious.”  

During good times and bad, Bell says Heather has supported the individuals in her care in a professional and loving manner.  

“She turns a chaotic situation into a peaceful atmosphere, so the people are not affected negatively. She easily adapts to changes,” Bell adds. 

 “Heather has a great rapport with all the people in her care and is very attentive to their needs,” says Bell. “She is an excellent worker. She is very efficient and always willing to help and go above and beyond in her duties.”