Isiah Ellison

Man with short haircut, clear glasses and short beards. Black shirt with pink patterns.

Region: 6 – Metro New York 

DSP Nomination Name: Isiah Ellison 

Position: Direct Support Assistant 

Years of Service: 3 


The nominee's favorite or most rewarding part about being a DSP:

Isiah Ellison has developed a respectful and genuine relationship with the individuals he supports that he treasures. 

About Isiah:

“Isiah always comes to work each day with so much energy and ready to start his day,” says his supervisor Yvette Brunson-Perez, Developmental Assistant I. “His respect for the people he works with is demonstrated through tone of voice, interpersonal interactions and content of conversations. He will help the person better cope with their problem by providing emotional support. He has excellent and successful teaching skills, using a variety of communication techniques to meet the person’s needs.” 

“Isiah clearly communicates suggestions to team members for types of services and supports that a person needs and/or wants,” Brunson-Perez adds. “Isiah has developed positive and productive relationships with his coworkers, supervisor, and other colleagues. He also serves as a positive role model and team member.” 

She also says the people he supports enjoy being around Isiah because he listens and validates their feelings. 

“He identifies problems and participates in solutions,” Brunson-Perez says. “He supports the physical, emotional and personal well being of the person receiving services. Isiah promotes and practices justice, fairness and equity for the individuals in his care. He always encourages and recognizes positive behaviors by using praise and various reinforcers effectively.” 

“Isiah has worked for Metro for the past three years and has been an exemplary employee, “Brunson-Perez adds. “His work performance embodies our mission of helping people with developmental disabilities live richer lives. And because of this embodiment, I am proud to nominate Isiah for recognition.”