Lisa Milliman

Lady with glasses, brown curly hair, white shirt smiling at camera.

Region: 1 – Western New York 

DSP Nomination Name: Lisa Milliman 

Position: Direct Support Assistant 

Years of Service: 18+ 


The nominee's favorite or most rewarding part about being a DSP:

Lisa Milliman says, “There are many rewarding parts to my job that I can reflect on. First and foremost, I have met some amazing individuals. Each unique in their own way.  Throughout my years of working for the Western New York DDSOO many have come and gone from my life, but each has left lasting memories. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is when I return from having time off and see the smiles and reactions of the individuals that I care for.  Their words and reactions remind me each time that we really do mean a lot to them as family. It is such a feeling of love and satisfaction to have this with them.  I have been very lucky throughout my years to have served some amazing people.”  

About Lisa:

Sherri McCall, Registered Nurse, who nominated Lisa, says she is the “Golden Gate Bridge” of the home where they work.  

“A bridge is constructed for the purpose of providing passage over an obstacle which is usually something that is difficult or impossible to cross. Lisa has provided an awesome environment for the people we serve,” McCall adds. “I have every confidence in the loving care that is provided at the home because she sets such a high standard.” 

“Lisa keeps all the medical needs up to date for the individuals, and works closely with the other staff in the home to make sure they have been trained to carry her load if she is off,” McCall says. “She treats the people living in the home with great love and dignity, making sure they are provided the best life that can be offered. 

“She is an awesome employee and like a bridge, she is strong and durable. She is supportive of her coworkers and the individuals she serves,” McCall adds. “Lisa is like the steel beams that keep it all together. She has the supports that are strong enough to hold the whole home together, no matter what storms the home might weather.”